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Wedding in Corfu

Wedding in Corfu

The princess of the Ionian Islands

Wedding in Corfu

Have a dreamy wedding in Corfu one of the famous islands of the Ionian Sea and most popular in the Mediterranean. It is full of whitewashed houses, Byzantine churches, Venetian walls and ancient temples.

A source of inspiration for all the fine arts, with enormous cultural heritage, has a special glamour, which combined with its natural beauties, wonderful climate, beaches and interesting sights, makes it one of the most attractive destinations for Greeks and foreigners but also to those who want to make their wedding in the arms of thousands of “cantas” and the melodies of the famous “Philharmonic”.

wedding in Corfu
wedding in Corfu

Where can I have my wedding in Corfu

You can give your vows of love near the waterfalls of the village of the Nymphs, walk through the streets of the historic village of Kassiopi and its narrow alleys, with the outfitted clothes and small squares, take a photo in the old town with the old and new fortress of the UNESCO World Heritage Site or in front of Achilleion that Princess Sissy created as a refuge on the island.

Corfu has golden sandy beaches, emerald waters and green hills, but also a historic town with Venetian grace and cultural sights.

This beautiful Greek island with overwhelming history and gastronomic heritage awaits you to experience your most romantic and fabulous moments.

You can combine your wedding in Corfu with your honeymoon

Get photographed in the majestic palaces, in the romantic cantonments.
Decorate your wedding table and treat your guests with Corfu food.

Discover the enchantment of wedding hotels in Corfu!

From elegant ballrooms to stunning outdoor settings with panoramic views, each hotel provides a unique backdrop for your magical day.

Welcome to the island of the Phaeacians, the island where King Alcinous’ daughter saved Odysseus.

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    Why choose to get married in Corfu, Greece?

    • Romantic architecture
    • Has its own airport – easily accessible for you and your guests
    • You can choose to get married:
      • By the beach
      • On a mountain
      • In an olive grove
      • In Sunstone Mansions
      • In a Venitian Castle
      • In luxurious yacht
      • In one of best wedding venues in Corfu
    • Has many beaches to have your wedding
    • Arrive to your wedding by boat
    Wedding in Corfu Greece
    Corfu One of the most popular wedding destinations in Greece

    On this page you will find whatever you need for your Wedding in Corfu

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    Churches in Corfu

    panagia vlacherena

    Panagia Vlacherna- Pontikonissi island

    A small monastery on Pontikonissi island, connected to the mainland of Kerkyra, creating an idyllic scene for weddings

    panagia vlacherena

    Beach Wedding at:

    The Beach of Pelekas (Kontogiallos beach) with the famous sunsets!

    Pelekas beach is ideally located 13 km west of Corfu

    The beach is conspicuous by its soft sand

    pelekas beach Corfu

    Halikounas, the beach in Corfu that resembles something from the Sahara.

    Is a vast sandy beach on the south west coast of Corfu, right on the edge of Lake KorissionCorfu Halikounas


    Feel the grandeur before you even enter
    The palace built by Princess Sissy.

    This magnificent Palace was built in 1890 exclusively for Elizabeth (Sissy), the former Empress of Austria.

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    Within the area covered by the archaeological site of Paleopolis in Corfu, lies the verdant estate of Mon Repos.

    It is about 3 km from the city of Corfu and covers a total of 258 acres of vegetation on the hill of Analipsi, while it also includes an impressive palace with an endless view of the sea.



    The palace of Mon Repo was built by the English Commissioner of the Ionian Islands, Frederic Adam, in 1831. It is said that it was a gift to his beloved wife, Nina Palatianou from Corfu

    You won’t find these majestic buildings, this stately beauty on any island.

    Dimarhiou Square, featuring San Giacomo, the Catholic cathedral of Corfu, as well as the Town Hall building, whose construction began in 1663 and was completed thirty years later to house the first opera on Greek territory, is one of the Old Town’s most distinctive landmarks.

    Every single building, every single street will appear like an open museum

    Take a trip back in time and see Soranza Gate, the English Barracks, the winged lions of St. Mark, the Madonna Del Carmine, the Savorgnan bastion, the Sea Tower

    FAQ for a Corfu Wedding

    What type of wedding can you have in Corfu?

    You can have either a church wedding, a civil ceremony or a vow renewal ceremony.

    Please note that Orthodox weddings only take place in a Greek Orthodox Church

    What’s included in a Corfu wedding package?

    The wedding package includes the area where the wedding will be held, flowers,
    decorations, tables, chairs and linen.

    Some wedding packages also include the wedding photographer.

    How long do you have to be in Corfu to get married?

    You will probably need to arrive to the island around 6 days before your wedding day.

    While you are in Corfu, you will be in touch with your wedding organizer, for all necessary papers for the wedding.

    Which area is the best to have our wedding in Corfu?

    Corfu is an island known for its rich multicultural heritage, its historic monuments, its cosmopolitan Old Town and its stunning natural landscapes.

    On our website you will find and read about the most magnificent and dazzling places to have your wedding there.

    How can I get more information or contact a wedding planner in Corfu?

    Contact wedding in Greece’s wedding planners in Corfu at and according to your budget we will suggest you the best organizations photographers, florists and places for your wedding at no cost.

    Should you need further details, don’t hesitate to contact us!

    We are here to help!

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