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Wedding in Corfu

Corfu Highlights

  • Romantic architecture
  • Has its own airport – easily accessible for you and your guests
  • Corfu, the island of Phaeacians. One of the Ionian Sea islands, with great history.
  • You can choose to get married:
    • By the beach
    • On a mountain
    • In an olive grove
    • In Sunstone Mansions
    • In a Venitian Castle
    • In luxurious yacht
  • Has many beaches to have your wedding
  • Arrive to your wedding by boat


Wedding in Corfu

Panagia Vlacherna- Pontikonissi island

A small monastery on Pontikonissi island, connected to the mainland of Kerkyra, creating an idyllic scene for weddings

Wedding in the Beach

Wedding in Corfu

The Beach of Pelekas (Kontogiallos beach) with the famous sunsets!

Halikounas, the beach in Corfu that resembles something from the Sahara

Sights of Corfu

Wedding in Corfu

The imperial palace “Achillion”
Feel the grandeur before you even enter
The palace built by Princess Sissy

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Old town of Corfu.

You won’t find these majestic buildings, this stately beauty on any island.

Take a trip back in time and see Soranza Gate, the English Barracks, the winged lions of St. Mark, the Madonna Del Carmine, the Savorgnan bastion, the Sea Tower

Wedding in Corfu

Wedding in Corfu : Have a dreamy wedding in one of the famous islands of the Ionian Sea and most popular in the Mediterranean. It is full of whitewashed houses, Byzantine churches, Venetian walls and ancient temples.

A source of inspiration for all the fine arts, with enormous cultural heritage, has a special glamor, which combined with its natural beauties, wonderful climate, beaches and interesting sights, makes it one of the most attractive destinations for Greeks and foreigners but also to those who want to make their wedding in the arms of thousands of “cantas” and the melodies of the famous “Philharmonic”.

You can give your vows of love near the waterfalls of the village of the Nymphs, walk through the streets of the historic village of Kassiopi and its narrow alleys, with the outfitted clothes and small squares, take a photo in the old town with the old and new fortress of the UNESCO World Heritage site or in front of Achilleion that Princess Sissy created as a refuge on the island.

Corfu has golden sandy beaches, emerald waters and green hills, but also a historic towns with Venetian grace and cultural sights. The island with overwhelming history and gastronomic heritage awaits you to experience your most romantic and fabulous moments.

Have your wedding and combine it with your honeymoon

Get photographed in the majestic palaces, in the romantic cantonments.
Decorate your wedding table and treat your guests with Corfu food.

Welcome to the island of the Phaeacians, the island where King Alcinous’ daughter saved Odysseus.

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