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Wedding in Kefalonia

Wedding in Kefalonia

The gem of the Ionian Sea

Ηave a wedding in Kefalonia on a green island, with beaches of incredible beauty, waters the color of emerald and a strong aura of culture.

If you dream of a wedding on a magical Greek island, then a special destination for the most important day of your life is the island of Kefalonia.

Wedding in Assos Kefalonia
Wedding in Kefalonia Wedding in Assos Kefalonias

The largest island of the Ionian Islands, with a historical background, distinct culture and enchanting locations.

The island with the most famous Ionian beaches that will make you imagine and organize the best beach party before and after your wedding.

In a light mood with perhaps a nautical theme with navy blue, white and gold colors that will sparkle under the sun, next to the blue waters of the Ionian

You will discover unique places to visit and organize your wedding photography, from an idyllic beach to a historic castle.

Along with your wedding in Kefalonia, you could have your honeymoon and the opportunity to explore every corner of this magical place.

Do not miss to visit the famous cave of Melissani, known for its natural beauty and in this rare landscape dare to take a photo!

Dream your wedding and organize an unforgettable day of your life in Kefalonia with the air of Ionian tradition and the endless blue of the Ionian!

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    Why choose to get married in Kefalonia Greece?

    • Kefallonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands
    • Has many beaches to have your wedding
    • Arrive to your wedding by boat
    • Weddings on the island of Kefalonia can take place
      by the sea, in olive groves, in a castle, in hotels, on a mountain

      ORTHODOX wedding ceremonies can only take place in an Orthodox church.
    wedding photography in kefalonia
    Wedding photography in Kefalonia; Vicky Bekiaridou

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    Churches of Kefalonia

    Asos chapel is hidden amidst media pines just below the Venetian castle, which was built by the Venetians in the 16th century for protection from pirates (ceremonies can also be held at the castle).

    According to the villagers’ old stories Panagia Plakoula is considered to be the chapel of the lovers where they swear eternal love

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    If you are looking for a quaint private chapel close to Lassi, this little chapel in the village of Lakithra is the perfect solution.

    Wedding in the Beach

    Have your beach wedding at Kefalonia

    Come face to the endless blue that will enchant you.

    Make your wedding in the sea overlooking the sunset to experience the dream.

    In Lixouri, Kefalonia, Vatsa beach

    Choose Vatsa Beach in Lixouri, a beautiful place that preserves the wild beauty.

    A peaceful place where you can have your wedding on the beach or in the chapel of Agios Nikolaos.

    Fiskardo is a beautiful picturesque village north of Kefalonia.

    There you can make your wedding and your reception by the sea or overlooking the sea in villas or hotels embraced by nature.

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    wedding in kefalonia - Assos Kefalonia

    Assos is a beautiful village with a Venetian castle  and lovely beach

    See Real Wedding in Assos

    katavothres weddingingreece

    An exceptionally unique part of the island is ‘Katavothres’, an ideal location for your wedding reception overlooking an incredibly mysterious phenomenon!


    How much does it cost to get married in Kefalonia?

    The Kefalonia wedding prices depend on:

    • How many people will be at your wedding
    • The location/ wedding venue. There are several wedding venues , with a big range of price options – you will definitely find the one that fits your budget.
    • The wedding professionals and their products or services you will use – For example, flowers, decoration, hair/make up, catering/bar, transportation, fireworks, DJ/live band, wedding cake, photographer, photobooth add up to the final cost of your wedding in Kefallonia .
    • The month/season of the event. If you are on a budget, then May, October and November are ideal for off season weddings where the weather is still fairly nice and prices are not as high as on high season – like in summer.


    Is Kefalonia a good place to get married?

    Kefalonia is a beautiful big island, located in the Ionian Sea with breathtaking views and locations where you can have an unforgettable wedding.

    You can choose to have a Kefalonia water mill wedding, or choose to get married in a winery, olive grove, one of the amazing beaches, amphitheatric hotels built towards the sunset with amazing view, or choose one of the beautiful Kefalonia wedding villas, or a wedding venue.

    There are also charming chapels that look out over the Ionian sea.

    In Kefalonia you have the possibility to have a Catholic or Orthodox wedding.

    Which area of Kefalonia is it best to have a wedding?

    Kefallonia is an island with many locations to choose from to have your ceremony and reception.

    Assos, Katavothras, Haliotata, Fiskardo, Myrtos are some of the popular locations you can choose from.

    How do I book a wedding in Kefalonia?

    Contact wedding in greece at and depending on your budget we will recommend – at no cost to you- the best organizers, photographers, florists, venues for your wedding.

    We are looking forward to helping you organize your perfect wedding!

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