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Wedding in Athens

Wedding in Athens

The capital of Greece

Wedding in Athens:   City, next to a Historic Site or Beach Wedding?

Athens is the 7th largest city of the EU, with great history;  your wedding will be one to remember. You have a lot of areas to choose from:  Wonderful city spots, picturesque alleys, beautiful beaches, stunning views of archeological sites.

Are you dreaming of a beach wedding? You can have it at the Athenian Riviera in the southern suburbs of Athens by the sea, one of the most popular wedding destinations of Athens. The Athenian Riviera in the southern part of Athens next to the sea, there you feel like you are on an island.

Lake Vouliagmeni is another destination of natural beauty for weddings.
Luxurious venues by the sea await you to have the wedding of your dreams with multi-star service.

You want a wedding with the amazing Acropolis as a backdrop?

There are many venues downtown Athens that offer exactly what you need!

But if you want more magic, plan your wedding with a full moon! You will surely have seen in photos a crimson disc emerging from the historical monument of the Parthenon. In the center of Athens there are many roof gardens in hotels, restaurants where you can have your wedding. Browse through the narrow alleys, get the energy that the walk around the Acropolis generously offers.

No matter how you are dreaming of your perfect destination wedding in Athens,  we, at “wedding in Greece” are here for you to not only help you decide which would be the best location for your wedding, but also to get you in touch with remarkable professionals and thus avoid stress. Your wedding will have the result you have always dreamed of.

Athens is the city that combines everything, ancient history, modern life, nature, sea.

These are the perfect elements for an unforgettable romantic wedding!

Discover the capital of Greece. The city that never sleeps! Read more at Discover Greece

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    Why choose to get married in Athens, Greece?

    • The capital of Greece
    • Has many beaches to have your wedding
    • Wedding under the Acropolis
    • Wedding in Sounio with the temple of Poseidon next to the sea
    • Variety of venues, choose from luxurious or rustic /authentic Greek style: in a luxurious hotel or wedding venue, a mansion, or a castle, beach bar
    • You can choose to have a city wedding, by a lake, on the beach, next to ancient temples
    • You will find a wedding location for any budget or guest number
    • An ideal wedding destination for any season…
    romantic wedding in Athnes
    wedding in Athens

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    Churches in Athens


    At the top of Lycabettus is the  chapel wedding of St George, a whitewashed church that was built around 1870.

    At the foot of Filopappou Hill, this 16th-century church may not be the oldest in Athens, but it is certainly one of the loveliest, with a heavy timber roof, marble floors and a permanent scent of incense. The churchyard, has a wooden gate and bells, conjures Japan


    Which part of Athens is ideal for a wedding?

    There are many areas in Athens where you can have the wedding of your dreams.

    Here are some ideas that offers:

    • Athenian Riviera – Located in the southern part of Athens ideal for beach weddings. There you will find a lot of wedding venues that can host your wedding
    • Sounion – By the Temple of Poseidon.
    • On a roof garden with Acropolis view – There are many hotels, restaurants, wedding venues you can choose from to have your wedding!
    • At a wedding venue – There are many wedding venues all around Attica, for all wedding party size and budget.
      Many have water fountains or waterfalls, beautiful gardens, in-house chapel for your wedding, offer catering and more

    How much does a wedding in Athens cost?

    The cost of a wedding in Athens vary for several reasons. For example:

    • How many people will be at your wedding?
    • The location/ wedding venue. There are many wedding venues located in Athens and Attica province, with a big range of price options – you will definitely find the one that fits your budget.
    • The wedding professionals and their products or services you will use – For example, flowers, decoration, hair/make up, catering/bar, transportation, fireworks, DJ/live band, wedding cake, photographer, photobooth add up to the final cost of the wedding.
    • The month/season of the event. If you are on a budget, then May, October and November are ideal for off season weddings where the weather is still fairly nice and prices are not as high as on high season – like in summer .

    Is Athens a good city to get married in?

    Definitely yes! Athens is ideal for weddings all year long. Your wedding can have an urban theme or you can take advantage of the culture and history of this city and choose to get married near an ancient site.

    What are the best locations/venues to get married in Athens?

    It depends on what you are looking for, there’s a vast variety of wedding locations for all budgets too! For example, you can choose to have your wedding in Athens in one of the locations below:

    • Hotels / Resorts
    • Wedding venue – Gardens
    • Castles
    • Vineyards
    • On the beach
    • Rooftops /Lofts
    • Restaurants
    • Mansions
    • Banquet Halls
    • Beach Bars
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