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Wedding in Zakynthos

Wedding in Zakynthos

Wedding in Zakynthos The gem of the Ionian Sea

Wedding in Zakynthos with the turquoise waters of the island in the background.

Zakynthos is an Ionian island located in western Greece.

The beauty of Zakynthos is unique.

It has rich vegetation and crystal-clear beaches.
Zakynthos is also called Zante or Fiore di Levante, a name given to the island by the Venetians which means ‘’Flower of the East’’ due to the existence of 7,000 species of flowers. The whole nature smells like flowers in Zakynthos.

In Zakynthos, you can have your wedding on a beach or in villas with fantastic views, as well as in the villages or vineyards of the island.

The day after your wedding, you can rent a boat or yacht, go around the island, visit and take pictures at the most famous beach, Navagio beach. Navagio beach is the hallmark of the island.

Combine your wedding with your honeymoon on this truly dazzling Ionian island.

wedding in Zakynthos. Zakynthos navagio

Venetian architecture is evident in Zakynthos.

Are you ready for a walk in the most beautiful neighborhood of Zakynthos?
Besides the coastal and narrow inner city streets, climb up to the historic neighborhood of Bohali, 2km from the center of Zakynthos, and admire the beautiful view of the city.

Bohali is located around the ruins of the old Venetian castle, on the top of the Strani hill, where Dionysios Solomos wrote the National Anthem. Admire the  neoclassical buildings, historic squares, arcades with impressive arches, balconies with traditional ironwork, churches with magnificent bell towers, picturesque alleys, and monuments.

Visit Bohali in the morning or evening, trying “frygania”, a tasty and light Zakynthian dessert served in all the stores here.

In Zakynthos, you fall in love.

You fall in love with the sea and music, the wild nature and poetry, its culture, and flavors.

In Zakynthos, you fall in love with life.

Where can I have my wedding in Zakynthos?

The entire Zakynthos is a beauty.

  • You can have your wedding at sea, in hotels or villas.
  • You can go by boat to any beach on
    the island for the ceremony.
  • Rent a vintage car and tour the island and take photos at beautiful spots in Zakynthos.
  • If your wedding is Orthodox, there are many small chapels either in the mountains or by the
    sea, or larger churches like St. Dionysios.


You can arrive at your wedding by boat .

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    How many days do I need to be in Zante before getting married?

    You need to be on the island 8 days before your wedding. However, it is advisable to speak to the wedding planner for advice.

    How can I get to Zakynthos?

    •  By plane.
      Zakynthos Airport is connected to Athens. It has daily 45-minute flights. It is also connected to the airports of Kefalonia, Corfu, and Lefkada.
    • By boat from Kyllini.

    What is the best time for a wedding in Zakynthos?

    The best time to have your wedding in Zakynthos is from May to the end of September.

    What are the sights to see in Zakynthos?

    The most important sights in Zakynthos are the beaches with their turquoise waters, with the most popular beach being “Navagio”. Visitors are also impressed by the Caretta Caretta turtles, the sea seals, and the picturesque bell towers in the villages.

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