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Wedding in Naxos

Wedding in Naxos

Live your wedding dream in Naxos island.

Naxos, the picturesque island of the Cyclades with its unique atmosphere, is an ideal setting for those who choose to unite their lives forever combining tradition with modern style. Imagine taking wedding photos in the harbor, at the huge door known to all as “Portara”, from the temple of Apollo, which began to be built in the classical period.

Imagine the happiest day of your life being surrounded by barren plains, barren marble mountains and lush green villages, and on the sandy beaches with the blue sea to do your wedding and the party.

Chora is waiting for you with traditional air, and the Cycladic white houses, while the bars, cafes, restaurants and shops are reminiscent of modern culture.

The heart of Naxos the Old Town, is waiting for you to give vows of love and devotion next to the castle town with the cobbled streets and the Venetian castle, while houses with Venetian coats of arms, narrow streets, Catholic churches and fortifications, can become the photographic canvas that will bind Cycladic and medieval architecture with your memories.

Discover the largest island of the Cyclades through Vistit Greece.

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    Why choose to get married in Naxos, Greece?

    Wedding in Naxos

    Naxos the largest island of the Cyclades

    • Big and organized golden sandy beaches and pebble beaches, cosmopolitan or more deserted for a wedding party.
    • Stunning cuisine to satisfy every demanding palate
      Weddings on the island of Naxos: beach wedding, in picturesque chapels, in hotels, with island air banquet rooms and Aegean perfume.
    • Arrive at your wedding by boat and with folk music instruments will be accompaniment you

    Wedding on the Beach in Naxos

    naxos wedding stefan fekete

    Have a romantic wedding at the picturesque harbor of Saint Anna overlooking Paros Island

    Churches in Naxos

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    The scenic church of St Nicholas is on a hilltop over the harbor of Saint Anna with a breathtaking view

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