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Wedding in Greece

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Weddings in Greece

Wedding in Greece:

The bride’s dowry, the drink orgeat, the shaving and hanging of the groom by his friends, the bride’s bed, the throwing of the wedding bouquet, the waiting setting up the bride, the money in the lapel, the feast are some of the customs that we can offer as hospitable Greeks to you, making your marriage unforgettable.
A marriage, either religious or political, for have the ultimate success, need excellent organization and here at Wedding in Greece, we can help you because we have the best partners in every region of Greece, ready to fulfill your every wish and erase every obligation worried.

Wedding rings, wedding invitation, church and permits, bridal & accessories, wedding dresses, wedding photos and videos, decorations, bouquets, car, crowns and candles, wedding ceremonies and wedding ceremony, , wedding dress, accessories, cute gift, hairstyle and makeup, lighting and church carpet, and of course we will help you with the venue where the reception will take place after the ceremony, all will be released from your hands and will come with a call in the hands of our associates.

Wedding organizers, who take on the decoration of the church, the music, from the parking to the menu, bridal shoes that every woman will envy, bridal dresses, restaurants, hotels, from the vineyards to the olive groves, the caterings, horse carriages, creative photographers full of passion to capture your most important moments are here together in our company.

All you have to do is choose the style you want for your wedding and we will guide you to choose our partners. Rustic, fairy-tale, insular, romantic, elegant, luxorious, everything will show you through our favorite styled shoots.

Greece is waiting for you to embrace you with its history and culture, next to museums and Byzantine churches, near Venetian castles and ancient temples, close to nature to exchange vows of everlasting love, eternal worship, to see its bright sun go out into the blue waters of the sea, as you give your first kiss as a married couple, to sing and dance under the starry sky and the melancholic moon, to walk in cantounia and to bless in the chapel of the island, give your friends sweet spoon from the blessed fruits of our place, taste the sweet wine of our vineyards and the olive oil of the ancient olive trees.

Come here in beautiful Greece, and you will hear the nymphs of the forest singing at your wedding, come to see Gods and Muses, fairies and elves, to bless your marriage from the hand of God, who created a small paradise here on earth to allow young people to hope, to give vows of love, to ascend to heaven, to be gods.

We are waiting for you…!!!

Choose a location for your destination wedding in Greece

Wedding in Athens

Athens Wedding

The capital of Greece full of history and magic… Have your wedding reception under the iconic Acropolis

Wedding in Santorini

Santorini Wedding

Santorini is considered to be the most romantic destination in Greece because of the fiery sunset couples choose it for their fairy tale wedding.

Wedding in Mykonos

Mykonos Wedding

Mykonos is one of the most popular islands in the Cyclades and is as the most popular destination for wedding and honeymoon all over the world.

Wedding in Corfu

Corfu Wedding

Corfu is the perfect destination for your wedding because of the romantic sunsets, endless sandy beaches, romantic atmosphere…

Wedding in Kefalonia

Kefalonia Wedding

If you are dreaming of a wedding on a magical Greek island, then a special destination for the most important day of your life is the island of Kefalonia.

Wedding in Crete

Crete Wedding

One of the most gorgeous Greek islands with breathtaking locations and many beautiful beaches to have the ideal wedding

Wedding in Spetses

Spetses Wedding

Spetses is a historic island of captains and kings, with many mansions and an aristocratic aura. You can arrive at your wedding by boat or choose one of the 33 carriages of the island!

Wedding in Skopelos

Skopelos Wedding

Skopelos is a splendid Greek island of Sporades with a unique romantic scenery that is eager to embrace your dream.

Wedding in Pelion

Pelion Wedding

Mount Pelion is said to be the Gods’ countryside. Your wedding can take place on a location with the chapel overlooking the endless sea of the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean, under the bright sun.

Wedding in Halkidiki

Halkidiki Wedding

Halkidiki is a magical destination not only for your wedding but also a special and luxurious wedding party. Get ready to succumb to the charm of Halkidiki.

Your dreams deserve the best and there is no other place to look for it.

Real Wedding in Greece

Destination Wedding in Greece

Are you looking to get married in Greece?

Are you ready to get married in one of the most beautiful locations in the world?

Do you want a beachfront wedding or up on a mountain?
Under the Acropolis in the center of Athens or by the sea near the temple of Poseidon?

Dreaming of a destination wedding on a Greek island?

There are many choices of island wedding locations that it is certain you will find the one that is perfect for you!

Let our wedding vendors assist you with planing, give you ideas, suggest breathtaking locations all over Greece and offer bespoke services for your destination wedding in Greece.

We will choose and propose the best wedding professionals for your special day, according to your needs, free of charge!

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Destination Wedding in Greece
Destination Wedding in Greece
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