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Wedding in Pelion

Wedding in Pelion

Have your wedding in Pelion.
A beautiful destination for a wedding

Mount Pelion is said to be the Gods’ countryside.

Imagine that your wedding takes place in churches embraced by the endless sea of the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean, under the bright sun.

Live your fairytale wedding under the gaze of the gods, among green trees and streams running from the source.

When the mystery is completed you can reach the beautiful city of Volos with one step.

In Pelion you will find numerous cultural and religious sites as well as the most beautiful beaches, with stunning views and beautiful places for you and your friends.

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    Pelion Highlights

    Pelion is the magical mountain of Thessaly with its crystal clear waters.

    • It has picturesque beaches for your dream wedding
    • Arrive at the wedding by boat, horses, by car
    • You can have your wedding in Pelion on the mountain overlooking the endless blue of the sea, the bay of Pagasitikos or the island of Trikeri.
    • The Mamma Mia was filmed in the mountains of the Gods.
    • You can have your wedding in Pelion in one of the numerous city or village squares that are lush with trees and flowers; some overlooking the sea.
      (Orthodox ceremonies take place in churches)

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    Wedding on the Beach

    weddinginpelion damouxari

    Damouchari the picturesque village of film Mamma Mia with the crystal clear waters of Eastern Pelion.

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    Mylopotamos the beauty of the beach is not described in words.
    It is located in the eastern Pelion. Ideal place for next day and for weddings.

    Wedding in the Beach

    wedding in Greece on a greek beach

    Τrikeri is a beautiful fishing island with a monastery for your wedding and beaches for a wedding on the beach.

    Unique areas

    wedding in portaria weddingingreece net

    Portaria Traditional beauty with romantic style and with Pagasitikos at your feet.

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    Tsagarada the village of the Egyptians the village of wealth. A terrestrial paradise in Eastern Pelion with the plane trees, the cobbled streets, the hidden neighborhoods in the vegetation, the beautiful Mansions.

    Weddin in Pelion

    Makrinitsa the balcony of Pelion a Magical Beauty.

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