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Wedding in Athens, Wedding on Pyrgos Petreza

Wedding in Athens, Wedding on Pyrgos Petreza
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Wedding in Athens, wedding on Pyrgos Petreza.

The beautiful journey for a dream wedding by Lilie Trent and Oliver began from WeddingInGreece with destination the capital of Greece.

WeddingInGreece could not help but choose a special wedding planner for such an important day of their lives.

Maria Maroulidou(InEventive company) stood beside the couple from the beginning of the communication until the end of the reception.

Lilie Trent and Oliver came from the United Kingdom to Athens.

For their wedding they choose a terrestrial paradise that resembles a postcard, Pyrgos Petrezas.. A tower that emerges amongst linear vines, olive groves and plane trees. A tower that its hills fill with wildflowers from spring to late summer.

But how to decorate, emphasize all this natural beauty?

Maria closely linked the natural beauty of the landscape with the decoration of Lilie and Oliver’s wedding.

Chamomile, wildflowers, lemon blossoms and lemons adorned the entrance, the archway, the guest’s seats and the whole reception.

Rays of sunshine opened trails through the branches of the trees reaching the ground while making games with the leaves. Straight and dense, descending like a storm from the sky and leaving their mark, inspiring everyone present at that holy moment.

This beauty was accompanied by the camera of Benjamin Wetherall marvelous images, given by nature,the couple’s love and the guest’s emotion.

Enjoy this unique wedding in Athens.

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Wedding Planner in Greece: Maria Maroulidou

Photographer : Benjamin Wetherall
Venue : Pyrgos Petreza
Flowers : Studio 7