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A beautiful wedding in Skyros

A beautiful wedding in Skyros

A beautiful and sweet wedding took place in beautiful Skyros in the heart of the summer. Yannis grew up on the island while his beloved Stefi in Germany.

The couple decided to live their dream day on the island of Sporades and celebrate with their guests with music, drink, traditional Greek food and a lot of dancing on the eve of the wedding.
On the eve of the mystery, the groom was prepared in his father’s house with the help of his friends, while the bride in the hotel.

Together walked until reach to the beach Milos of Balabanis, where the Mayor of the island waited between the simple, so beautiful decoration, which was tied to the natural callus.

Then the wedding party took place in the green and fabulous north of the island, in the Atsica Estate.
There, with sunset background, the newlyweds were photographed together, but also with their guests while they were entertained until the morning. The next day’s artistic photoshooting gave a final touch to the couple’s most important chapter.
The experienced team of Wedding in Skyros knows very well how to make honeymooners unwilling to end this magical experience, so they offered at the beautiful bride to drink ouzo and all together laughed, sang, walked around the island , while the bridegroom as King raised up the Queen on his shoulders and together live well in the castle of love.

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Photography: Wedding Skyros
Venues: Aigoris