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Wedding in Evia: a favorite destination

Wedding in Evia: A Journey of Delight, Adventure, and Discovery

Evia, the island of pleasure, adventure, and discovery, beckons with its majestic pine forests, imposing mountains, and endless beaches, offering a tapestry of experiences ranging from fishing to hiking, from ancient monasteries to industrial landmarks. Charming villages, such as Chalkida, greet visitors with warmth and accessibility, perfect for leisurely strolls by the water’s edge. Indeed, Evia, one of Greece’s most remarkable islands, with its unique beauties and Aegean vistas, resembles a miniature of the entire country.

Must-See Attractions in Evia

Exploring Evia, whether in the north, central, or south, promises delightful discoveries. In the north, pine-scented forests, ancient monasteries like Galataki and Osios David, the picturesque village of Limni Evias, the waterfalls of Drymonas, and the town of Aidipsos await. In Central Evia, Mount Dirfys with its alpine landscapes, unique beaches on the northeast coast, Eretria, medieval towers in Messapia, and Byzantine churches in Avlonas invite exploration. In the south, discover the land of winds with its enigmatic “dragon houses,” the Ochi mountain range, the breathtaking gorge of Dimosaris, the archaeological treasures of Eretria, and the medieval castles in Aliveri, Styra, and Karystos.

Best Beaches in Evia

Every turn in Evia reveals exquisite beaches. In the north, uncover the beaches of Aidipsos, Politika, Limnionas, Kavos, Gregolimano, and the beloved Agia Anna – Agkali. In Central Evia, find the renowned Chiliadou, with its lush vegetation and diverse sands, including even a sea cave for exploration! Also, explore Mourtia, favored by wind and kite surfers, Eretria Beach, Saint Mercurius, Kalamo, and Korasida. In the south, the beaches of Nea Stira, Limnionas Stiron, Chrysi Ammos, and the popular Figia welcome you to their azure waters.

Famous Thermal Springs

Famed since antiquity for their unique properties, the thermal springs of Aidipsos heal both body and soul. From emperors and Roman generals to renowned figures of the 19th and 20th centuries, the illustrious have sought rejuvenation here. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic waters, admire the neoclassical masterpiece of Thermae Sylla surrounding its impressive tower, and explore the old hydrotherapy facilities designed by Chiller. Breathe in the sea air and feel reborn!

Chalkida: The City of “Crazy Waters”

Despite the changing currents every six hours under its old bridge, Chalkida maintains perfect balance. Fresh fish and seafood, endless walks along the promenade with its cafes and restaurants, significant landmarks like the Red House of 1884, the House with the Statues, the Archaeological Museum, and the City Hall with its Baroque and Italian eclectic architecture paint the picture of the sunny capital of Evia.

Admiring Cape Doro

Awe is the first word that comes to mind when beholding one of the most challenging passages of the Greek seas. Regardless of the prevailing wind, Cape Doro (Cape Doro) has its own Boreas. Cape Doro means the cape of gold, and the tales of Byzantine shipwrecks that still “offer” treasures to the surrounding shores justify its Venetian name. On this promontory, at the southeastern tip of Evia, reachable by a 35 km gravel road starting after Platanistos or by sea via chartered boats from Karystos.

Why choose to get married in Euboea Greece?

Authentic Greek Experience: Euboea offers an authentic Greek experience, allowing you and your guests to immerse yourselves in Greek culture, cuisine, and traditions.


Venues and Accommodation: Euboea offers a range of wedding venues, from beachfront settings to charming traditional tavernas and historic sites.


Euboea is less crowded and touristy compared to some other Greek islands, creating a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere for your wedding.


Mild Climate: Euboea enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers, making it an ideal destination for weddings throughout the year. You can choose the season that best suits your preferences.

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    What is the weather like in Euboea usuall?

    Euboea enjoys a Mediterranean climate, but the weather can vary depending on the season. Consider the time of year you plan to get married and whether you and your guests will be comfortable with the weather conditions.

    How much does it cost to get married in Euboea?

    The wedding cost in Euboea differs depending on the kind of wedding you want.
    It differs according to the flowers, the photographers, the guests and finally the location of the wedding.

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