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Indian Wedding in Athens

Indian Wedding in Athens

Indian wedding on the Athenian Riviera | Simi and Nisheeth

This Indian wedding took place on the Athenian Riviera. It was a magnificent event, under the Greek blue sky with the backdrop of our lush mountains and everything was captured by Athanasios Papadopoulos. Some of his photos have been awarded and republished.

The couple respected their customs before and during their marriage, leaving us speechless.

The bride before the wedding was dressed in the colors of the bright sun, seated with her relatives and bridesmaids, as they waited for her to wear the bracelets which were first dipped in milk. Then, her girlfriends showered the bride with flower petals, and then covered her with “the colors of the sun”.

The couple was dressed in traditional costumes on their wedding day. The bride wore a deep red wedding gown reminiscent of the sunshine, the color of love, while the gorgeous gold jewelry adorned her head, her hands, and even her ankles.

The groom arrived riding a white horse while the bridesmaids were waiting for him with pink rose petals. The bride walked under a reddish shawl held by the groom’s friends.

The couple wore necklaces made out of pink roses while seated high on velvet thrones, with the priest and his relatives sitting around praying during the ceremony. When the ceremony was over, they bathed them with rose petals and the wedding reception followed.

They danced their first dance as a married couple in the center of the stage while a saxophone was playing their song and then friends and relatives rushed to dance with them, traditional Indian dances.

Ηave a life-long marriage! We are waiting for you to come back to Greece to renew your vows, and for vacationing under the bright sun, next to the serene sea.

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Photographer: Athanasios Papadopoulos
Wedding planning: wedding in Greece
Venue of the wedding day: Ktima Hatzi
Venue on the first day: Plaza resort hotel
Venue on the second day: Ktima 48