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Wedding Catholic and Orthodox in Athens

Wedding Catholic and Orthodox in Athens

Wedding in Athens

Every couple that decides to take the next step and seal their love eternally, is full of happiness and lots of love, because the day of their wedding is a day of the most magic moments.

Getting prepared at their family homes, the handsome groom patiently waiting for his loving bride at the church, the slow walking of the bride alongside her father to meet her husband, and of course the admiration and emotion of their loved ones who came to praise the newlyweds, are only a few of the magic moments the couple will always remember.

But how many feelings can you handle if you repeat this process twice? And on the same day! Stunningly beautiful bride, Valia, and her now husband Tiagko took the next steps on two of the most aristocratic and known temples of Athens.

In favor of their loving groom’s parents, the wedding ceremony took place, firstly at the Catholic church of Saint Dionysius Cathedral and secondly a little farther, at the Orthodox church of Saint Dionysius the Aeropagite.

The atmosphere at both temples was romantic and it was reminiscent of a royal wedding that every bride is dreaming of! On the one side the immovable catholic temple decorated with beautiful renaissance paintings and gold plated thrones and on the other side the ornated Byzantine temple with the detailed wood craved sculptures and the huge chandelier, proving the couple’s elegance and style.

Following the two ceremonies, the newly weds had their wedding photographs taken in beautiful places of Athens, since beautiful and romantic Greece has a special place in their hearts
We wish you a happy and blessed life!


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Photograpy: Christina Vardali