Your Destination Wedding in Greece inspiration

Wedding with Acropolis view

Wedding with Acropolis view

Wedding with Acropolis view!

Imagine your wedding in Greece, especially in Athens, the capital of the country where technology and history meet!

Choose the right place for this special day of your life.

Your weeding could be the chance of you and your friends to visit Greece and explore the hidden spots of Athens!
A unique blend of modern and ancient elements that exist in a complete harmony!

This balance of vibes will boost up your wedding day.

Wedding in Athens

The ideal place for an urban and also absolutely romantic wedding party is the center of Athens, under the shadow of the ‘holy rock’ of Acropolis!
Wedding With Acropolis View.

Arrange and organize your wedding as romantic as you dream it. Choose an airy, plain, with discreet sparkle and in ancient-Greek style wedding dress.
It would be a perfect match to the scenery!

Continue the decoration with flowers in white and pastel colors, long linen tablecloths, many candles and lanterns.

The white color should prevail in decoration for an ethereal and romantic result to complete the magic view! Some gold touches would be absolutely perfect! Your favorite taste of food, lots of distinct cocktails and champagne and the success is sure!

Wedding in Athens

Choose an outdoor/indoor rooftop for your wedding reception that would allow you and your guests to admire the astonishing view of Acropolis and the enlightened temple of Parthenon. And there under the full-of-stars sky you and your other half will exchange vows of eternal love!


The modern city, the urban center with the vibes of the ancient civilization would give a unique feel to your special day.

In Athens, the place of the Gods, dare to become the princess of your own fairy tale!

Your glorious wedding dress will sparkle under the Athenian sky and if you are lucky enough the full moon will complete your romantic story with a view of the Acropolis and a glass of champagne!

Wedding in Acropolis

With the whole glory of Parthenon your wedding will be unforgettable.

Visit Athens, explore the myth and arrange your wedding!
Create memorable moments with mystique vibes!
An imaginary wedding!