Your Destination Wedding in Greece inspiration

Travel Tailor

Travel Tailor

Travel Tailor with 18 years of experience in the tourism industry offers high quality services and luxury to high-level guests, VIPs & Executives.

The objective of the experienced tourist team is to provide excellent quality and satisfaction even the most demanding customer.
So if you want to experience the wedding of your dreams, you can only trust Travel Tailor.

The special partners can organize a wedding, from the moment of the proposal, to the honeymoon, according to the wishes and style that the same customer desires.
The specialized team has partners all over Greece and the world so that it can propose the most sophisticated boutiques and the most luxurious hotels and villas, award-winning restaurants, but also amazing Greek destinations for your wedding or your party or even for honeymoon.
Travel Tailor has helicopter for your recreation, enabling you to experience the fastest trip in your own exclusive way, whether to fly before marriage or for the next day’s photo shoot. Also, if you want, you can α exclusive yacht charter experience with polite crew who is willing to contribute to the Cruise or even to your wedding reception.
With a call you Travel Tailor take over step step every moment of your most special day.

Just say ‘Yes’ and they’ll take care all the rest!