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Christos Aggelidis

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Christos Aggelidis

Our passion enforces creativity.Our vision surpasses the pretentious style. When candles blow out, the wedding dress is removed and the music stops… only memories remain and we are taking care to prevent them from fading away.We create a different aspect of the image, depicting the events, the feelings, the mystery, and the magic of the moment.Only wedding photography can revive your feelings.


Meet the Christos Aggelidis

We are pleased to present you a talented photographer, who made his dream profession, capturing all the beautiful moments that someone else would just ignore.
From a very young age, Christos Angelidis chose his passion for photography to become his daily routine.
Following his studies in photography, he began a series of educational seminars based on wedding photography and participates in photo contests, where he received 17 international awards from well known photographic communities.
Since he and his team are passionate about it, creativity in wedding photography is the beginning and the end, as their vision is to create for you moments that can remain indelible in your memory and never lost away.
Christos Angelidis and his associates, have a magical way of making you feel immediately intimate and friendly, so you are left in front of their lens, as if you are just with your best friend or even a relative.

The talented photographer wants in one click, not just to capture a beautiful moment, but to capture every emotion that is around you.
So in your album beyond your own joy, love, devotion, respect, you will feel your mother’s emotion, when your friends dress you, the endless joy of your own friends, the look of your parents in the church, last minute with your sister, the last hug with your best man.

So if you want a professional who can capture the most beautiful moment through his photography, giving you the opportunity to live again on your wedding day you only have to see Christos Angelides’ wonderful work with us and of course get in touch with him.