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Wedding in Makrinitsa Pelion

Wedding in Makrinitsa Pelion
Wedding in Makrinitsa Pelion

A Fairy Tale Wedding in Makrinitsa, Pelion: The Breathtaking View of Volos”

This wedding was a celebration of love like no other, with the stunning view of Volos and the  Pagasetic Gulf as its witness. The ceremony took place in an open-air setting, where the gentle breeze carried the scents of the Pagasetikou and the tranquility of Pelion, creating an ambiance that was of heavenly.

The bride was a vision of grace and elegance in her wedding gown, a choice made with great care and love. Her bouquet was composed of pure white peonies, their delicate petals reflecting the sunlight and the passion of the moment. Together with her groom, they symbolized how their love would bloom, much like these beautiful peonies, and endure forever.

The wedding reception in Makrinitsa was equally enchanting. White balloons adorned the venue, lending an airy and playful atmosphere, while the all-white peonies continued to serve as a symbol of purity. Guests reveled in the joy of the occasion, enjoying dance, fine cuisine, and delightful company, all while the music filled the air with merriment and enthusiasm.

A wedding in Makrinitsa, Pelion, is much more than just a wedding; it’s a journey into the beauty of Greece, an experience that seamlessly combines nature, love. Most importantly, it reminds us that love is the greatest gift we can share.

Wedding Professionals

Floral Decoration:  Olga Georgiadi

Photography: Shootme Photograph