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Wedding in Kissos Pelion

Wedding in Kissos Pelion
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Wedding in Kissos Pelion

Kissos Pelion: A shelter inside the mountain of the Centaurs.

Kissos is built in forests with chestnuts, beeches, apple trees, plane trees, with houses of typical Pelioreite architecture, old cobblestones, abundant water and an important monument in the central square: the church of Agia Marina.

The sound of cars rarely reaches this far. You wake up in your stone guest house, eat a healthy breakfast, go out, breathe, enjoy the sound of running water

You put your ear up to hear the rustling of the leaves from the wind that passes between the foliage from the itamas and the philiras that rise together with the plane trees on the side of the bell tower of Agia Marina.

“Mornings” are exchanged, including you, as you stand and watch the locals go about their daily routines, going in and out of the village’s few shops, houses, and taverns. Then you start the walks on the network of cobblestones and let yourself admire the great works of people and the colorful canvas of the rich nature of Pelion.

Our beloved and smiley couple chose their favourite destination to exchange their vows for forever love in Agia Marina church .

Their modern style perfectly harmonized with the beauty of the Pelion created fresh and airy images making as so glad to capture them. Surrounded by their families and friends being full of excitement, Konstantinos and Danai gave us moments full of adventure and emotions.