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Wedding in Zakynthos Michelle & David

Wedding in Zakynthos Michelle & David
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Wedding in Zakynthos Michelle & David

Wedding in Zakynthos, on the beautiful island of the Ionian Islands, at the Fioro di Levante as the Latins have called it.

Turquoise waters, white beaches, lovely neighborhoods, picturesque villages, lush greenery and fine wineries constitute the beauty of this island.

Our couple Michelle and David chose the beautiful Zakinthos, the island of the Ionian Islands, to be united with the holy bond of marriage.

The wedding resembled a royal wedding and had an elegant ambiance.

The bride’s wedding dress was princely and perfectly matched to her mother’s dress and the style of the wedding.

The delicate and refined bridegroom with his friends, as a prince ready to steal his beloved.

The ceremony and reception were held at the Golden July Villa.

It is an exceptional location and situated in the area of Akrotiri on a hill above the sea, amdist olive groves.

There, inundated by the blue sky and the sea, embraced by white flowers, the couple and the guests held a fairy-tale wedding.

In this dreamy villa, in Fiore Levante(εδώ εννοούμε την βιλα, Γιατι Φιορο του Λεβαντε ειναι θεατρικο εργο?), surrounded by nature, with the blue swimming pool and the sea as background, the couple and their guests danced to Zakynthien rhythms, as well as to rhythms of everlasting love until morning.

A drive to the beautiful island with the white vintage car offered the opportunity to the couple and our photographer Irina to take beautiful pictures in the picturesque churchers by the sea.Photographs filled with passion and love that they will keep forever.

Enjoy this fairy-tale wedding through Irina’s eyes.

Wedding Professionals

Wedding Photography: Irina Spiru

Wedding Flower : Bosonis Art

Venue: Golden Luxury Villa