Wedding in Alonnisos

    Alonissos is located on the west side of the Aegean Sea, at the edge of the Sporades, and looks like a piece of Pelion that was cut and swim in the Aegean Sea.
    The island of Papadiamantis with its green waters, pine trees, idyllic beaches and tranquility can be the best destination for anyone who wants to marry on the virgin island.
    Imagine changing vows next to pines and olives that reach the sea overlooking the pink sea waterside sunset, next to picturesque houses and magnificent landscapes.
    Beaches with emerald waters and trees reaching the sea, red rocks, sandy beaches offer a dreamy reception with the background of the pine forest and the blue of the sea and with the music of nature's to sing.


    Wedding in Alonissos

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    Wedding in Alonissos
    Wedding in Alonissos

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