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8 Wonderful Wedding Destinations in Greece

8 Wonderful Wedding Destinations in Greece

8 Wonderful Wedding Destinations in Greece Wedding in Greece

Greece is one of the world’s leading wedding destinations.

The entire world is in search of a few days to enjoy the sunny weather in Greece.
Seeking unique sunsets, golden beaches, lacy islands, white houses, azure blue skies and deep blue seas that make the perfect backdrop for any wedding, wedding vow renewal or honeymoon.

Cities, villages, olive groves, vineyards, pines by the sea, fir trees, ancient civilization and more than 6,000 islands, are here on this land, awaiting to host your wedding.

Where can you have your wedding in Greece?

We will not take you to islands and areas known worldwide for their beauty like Santorini, Mykonos, the immensity of Crete, Rhodes.

We will take you “by the hand” and lead you to small and lovely isles, where the moon speaks to the stars, where the sun slips into the sea and writes its story in thousands of colours, where the sound of trees conveys peace, Love the majesty of nature!

Are you ready for this beautiful journey?

  1. Wedding in Spetses,  the captains’ Island, on the isle of fragrances.

All life is musked from spring. This is the isle of scented flowers.

Traditional architecture, neo-classical building, pebbled courtyards, beautiful flowery balconies.

Spetses is famous for its aristocratic ambience. The lovely beaches of Spetses with their dense greenery can host your wedding, Agios Mamas, Agia Marina, Kounoupitsa, Ayia Paraskevi and Zogeria are some of them.

In Spetses, it is not possible to take a car. There aren’t any cars, just bikes, carriages and motorcycles.

wedding in spetses
Spetses: The island of the aromas

2. Wedding in Ithaca,

on the island with the vivid turquoise waters that embrace the pristine shores.

Wedding on the island which is overgrown with olive trees and cypresses.

Let us take you on a journey to the island of Penelope and Ulysses.
On the island symbolizing the “sweet homeland” that each one of us seeks.

Here, nature comes first. Traditional villages, deep azure waters, verdant bays, archeological treasures, stone houses with flower-scented courtyards, small cafés and restaurants with the tables by the sea delight every visitor.

Ithaca is a veritable paradise on earth, a paradise which will reward you through its beauty and hospitality.

On the path to Ithaca

Ithaca has no airport, it is served by the Kefalonia airport. However, there is a helipad for chartered and privately owned helicopters.

The line’s vessels link Ithaca with Kefalonia, Lefkada, Patras, Astakos Etoloakarnanias and Kyllini.

wedding in Ithaca
An island Odyssey where peace reigns

3.Wedding in Kythira,

the island that gave birth to the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of Love.

Tsirigo, the beautiful island that has been chanted a thousand times for its beauty.

The island of Kythira lies between the Peloponnese and Crete.
To reach Kythira from Athens, you will need approximately 4 hours by boat.

The magnificent scenery of Kythira, the lovely beaches and picturesque villages, create the ideal environment for an unforgettable wedding.
Vlychada, Kaladi, Melidoni, Chalkos Firri Ammos and Fourni are among the many uniquely beautiful beaches in Kythira.

Avlemonas is also a village of unique beauty on the seaside with white houses which are built around a bay that resembles a fjord and can create an ideal setting for your wedding.

wedding in Kythera
Take a walk in Kythera Town and the Venetian Castle

4.Wedding in Karpathos

Karpathos, an authentic and picturesque island, faithful to its traditions and peculiarities and simultaneously welcoming for each visitor who desires to discover its most hidden secrets.

You can reach Karpathos either by plane or by boat.
What beauty lies hidden in this island of the Dodecanese!

“We will take you by the hand” and take you to a couple of beautiful places on the island!

We will take you

● to Apella, a magical beach with clean and crystal clear waters.
● to Olympus, an amphitheatrically constructed village on the mountaintop looking at the Aegean Sea.

Olympus was cut off from the rest of Karpathos, with neither electricity nor roads.
This helped it to remain unchanged over time. Today, this picturesque mountain village of Karpathos is easily accessible, making it possible for us all to discover and enjoy its customs and traditions.

Narrow streets, traditional cafés, men and women in traditional costumes weaving scarves and manufacturing musical instruments.
Taverns, restaurants, traditional cafés and luxurious villas with breathtaking views over the Aegean Sea.

Gaze at the sunset from the stone windmills of the village, it’s quite breathtaking.

● to Saria, make sure to take a boat trip to Saria, a truly magical islet near Karpathos.
And if you are that bold, why not have your wedding there, it will be truly magical!

Karpathos has plenty of places to have your wedding.
Send us a message to recommend a wedding organizer who is very familiar with the island and will guide you.

wedding in Karpathos
Karpathos: In the 25 most shocking destinations in the world

5. Wedding in Milos.

Have your wedding on the island of Aphrodite, on the magnificent island of Milos.

Milos is known for its romantic scenery and is the choice of many couples for their wedding.

Let yourself fall into the deep blue of the Aegean Sea and feel nature’s embrace… Wonderful beaches of unique beauty where you can have your wedding.

The small white houses with narrow alleyways perfumed and coloured with pink and fuchsia bougainvillea are the main characteristics of Mylos and especially of Chora.

Take a boat trip to Kleftiko to have your prewedding photographs taken. Get married in the white chapel of Panagia Tourliani with a panoramic view. Set the wedding table and welcome your guests with uniquely traditional flavours!

The following day, get photographed in Sarakiniko with its white rocks, in small Venice with its colourful houses where the port of Ancient Milos once stood, or take the boat and go to the islet near Milos, Kimolos.

Kimolos is a painting of infinite beauty.
Milos also has an airport.

wedding in Mylos
Mylos an island with exotic beauty

6. Wedding in Paros or Antiparos?

Which of the two islands will you choose?
Paros! All Greece shines right here! Island crystal clear as its marble!

Through the marble of Paros and the Art of those who “loved” it, they owe their eternity: the Venus of Milos, the Hermes of Praxiteles, the Victory of Delos, the temple of Apollo and the Siphnian Treasury

Paros is one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands and especially in the past few years, it is a very popular destination for weddings.

An island in the middle of the Aegean Sea awaits you to dream, relax, enjoy traditional cuisine, wonderful apertifs and fresh seafood.

If you want to experience a Cycladic fairytale, Paros is there to generously give you the scents of jasmine and red bougainvillea in the hidden alleys of Parikia, the afternoon strolls through the picturesque port of Naoussa alongside the boats with music.

Discover Paros’ hidden gems.
Picturesque villages like Lefkes, Marpissa, Prodromos are special locations for boutique lodgings.
Distinctive beaches like Santa Maria, Chrysi Akti, Kolymbithres, places where you can have your wedding.

wedding in Paros
Paros: An island you fall in love with and love forever

7. Welcome to Antiparos, the authentic Cycladic beauty!

White houses with blue doors, blooming bougainvilleas, fishing boats, picturesque harbours and bays, scattered chapels, warm hospitality, coloured tables and fragrances of fresh fish grilled by the seaside taverns.

The colours of the sunrise paint the skyline in the morning while in the evening the moon shines over Reumatonisi and the Paros mountains.

On each street you take, white houses with bougainvillea, terraces, pavements, basil pots waiting for you to caress them filling the atmosphere with fragrances and the hospitality of the locals will make you fall in love with this place- like a postcard!

Certainly, your wedding in Antiparos will be an unforgettable experience.

Here you will discover and experience the authenticity of the Greek island!

wedding in Antiparos

8.Wedding in Folegandros,

on the island with the incredibly wild beauty!

The white colour of the houses, the infinite blue of the sea and the steep rocks create images of unique beauty that you just can’t get enough of it to enjoy.

Seal your love on the island that blows your mind with its beauty.

Chora is built within the castle with white houses, alleyways and large plazas with lush vegetation.

White steps with whitewashed walls lead from Chora to the small church of Panagia at the top of the island with astonishing views. It’s a bit tiring to get there, but the view and the tranquillity of the place will make up for it!

wedding in folegandros
Folegandros impresses with its beauty