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WEDDING SKYROS | The Olive Tree Leave

WEDDING SKYROS | The Olive Tree Leave

The Olive Tree Leaves

Nicolas and Maria wanted to live a traditional wedding in beautiful Skyros, so they chose to trust in the hands of experienced staff of “Wedding in Skyros”, making their desire a reality.

Their marriage took place in Panagia Melikarou, in the Village of Skyros and each step reminded the old Skyros.

The wine was unstoppable from the beginning until the end of the important day, the music of traditional instruments was heard in all the straits that the newlyweds walked on, the hunt and the groom’s hangout reminded the guests of the island’s history, but also the rare erotic song “the leaves of the olive” embraced all the magic of customs.

The feast on the island of Sporades continued with the couple having fun with their dear friends until the early hours, while the next day’s photography took place a week after in St.Petelemon and in the beloved ” secret ” part of the groom, with the “Wedding in Skyros” camera of course.

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