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Wedding in Skyros and Honeymoon

Wedding in Skyros and Honeymoon

Wedding in Skyros and Honeymoon

Meet Skyros through Wedding in Greece..

Skyros is a beautiful island where you can do your wedding and combine it with your honeymoon.
One of the most beautiful Aegean islands with rich vegetation and impressive morphology.
It belongs to the Northern Sporades and is located near Evia.

With their own Skyrian ship they will take you from Kymi, and after 1.5 hours trip you will reach the island of the philoxenia and love, on the island that has not alter the characters of people inside the time.

With the entrance of the ship in the harbor we will welcome you with flames and with the heavenly music of Vangelis Papathanassiou.
That sounds to all the harbor of Linarias. A music that comes from the Cavos coffee located on the right side of the island.

Numerous colors depending on the season dominate the natural landscape.
Graphic settlements each with its own unique beauty complete the general picture of Skyros.

Chora, the capital of the island with the monastery of Ai Giorgi that dominates perched on the rock full of memories and information about the island will protect you in your every step.

Beautiful sandy and golden beaches with pebbles like pearls and crystal clear waters.

In Atsitsa the pine trees reach the sea, while in Puria the rocks and the ruins of the quarry create an imposing and serene landscape.

In Agios Panteleimon the picture will enchant you, while in the south of the island the landscape is wild and reminiscent of mountain. There once lived the Skyrian horses, which are now threatened with extinction.

The combination of mountain and sea gives you the opportunity for many sports: Climbing, cycling, windsurfing, water-skiing, off-road driving or 4×4 vehicles.

Skyros is famous for its ceramics, wood-carved furniture and the special interior architecture of its houses.

So welcome to Skyros!
We wish you a great stay!