Hindu Wedding in Greece

    Indian Wedding in Greece

    The Indian wedding in Greece, from Santorini to Athens and from Crete to Mykonos is the most one beautiful we have seen in our golden sunrise and sunset of our red sun.
    Come in VIP mood and live with your guests the most beautiful moments of your marriage in the most hospitable place.
    Here are the marriage certificates you need to make your union with a political marriage.

    • A marriage permit from your country that certifies that the person concerned is able to enter into a marriage (that the details of the other person are also required), needs translation into Greek. (The document is required to be approved by the Greek Embassy in India and then its translation).
    • Birth certificate (translated into Greek, approval of the document by the Greek Embassy in your country and then its translation).
    • Residence permit or VISA (whose validity has not expired).
    • Passport in force.

    • Translation service of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • From a civil servant of the respective Greek Consular Authority of the country of issue of the certificate.
    • Greek lawyer who claims to have sufficient knowledge of the language from which he has translated.
    • Graduate translator of Ionian University.
    For any clarification, ask the organizers who know best.

    Hindu Wedding in Greece. Indian Wedding in Greece

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