Photo Shoot in Athens Riviera

Boho styled wedding photo session by Athens wedding photographer Irina Spiru

A wedding photo session in Greece is the best present could be got by newlyweds, who decided to celebrate their happy day ever in one of the magnificent places of the world.

Loving and newly married couples come here. And romantic ceremonies and spectacular thematic shootings are held.
Huge number of scenic nature locations will make possible to create unique images delighting your eye in the future and reminding of the most emotionally colored moments of life.

And if you plan to have a bohemian wedding photo shoot, you don’t need to look further than the coast of Attica. There are good reasons why the famous Athenian Riviera deserves its honorary title. T
his resort is known for its mild climate, splendid sea landscapes and interesting attractions.
A bohemian style wedding shoot in Athens necessarily includes shooting in the capital’s surroundings.
This is the place where we can create a theme-related atmosphere.

Wedding Professionals

  • Photographer: Irina Spiru 
  • Florist and decorator: Alisa Sitaridi
  • Stylist: Lia Igam
  • Wedding dresses: Νυφικά και Βραδινά φορέματα NOEL Collection
  • wedding vintage cake: Marina Tsakilidou

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