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A Fairytale Summer Wedding Bathed in White & Green

A Fairytale Summer Wedding Bathed in White & Green

Once upon a time in Mitakata, in the most beautiful village in Kefalonia, Marina and Ivor decided to have their fairytale marriage.

In an enchanting forest of beautiful trees, the amazing team of BOSONIS art & flowers managed to create a dreamlike image.

Beneath the green foliage the bride flew like a fairy to the groom, who waited with the bridesmaids and the best men. The harmony of nature embraced the green dresses of the bridesmaids, thus painting the picture of the fairytale wedding.

The bouquets of the bride and bridesmaids were full of white flowers and greenleaves, from ancient trees, symbolizing their eternal love.

The tables with the white tablecloth, the olive leaves and the oil in a small bottle for each guest, completed the image of an elegant wedding that respects and appreciates the place where it is held.

The candles were lit in the middle of the tables, echoing the trembling light of fireflies in the evening, which could not be missed in a fairytale wedding where “the guests lived well and the couple better even better”.