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An Elegantly Romantic Dinner Party Wedding in Santorini

An Elegantly Romantic Dinner Party Wedding in Santorini
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An Elegantly Romantic Dinner Party Wedding in Santorini Jennifer & Vince

Wedding in Santorini with Jennifer and Vince who have decided to commit eternally by having their wedding on this beautiful island.

Their fairytale began in El Viento, a magical village. El Viento is built on the hilltop of Megalochori with a spectacular view over Oia and the Caldera.

Vince and his friends, all dressed up and stylish, were waiting for the elegant bride accompanied by her beautiful friends.

In the romantic Megalochori, behind the cerulean waters and sky, the bride in a dress that resembled a mermaid, read the words of love and devotion to the man of her dreams.

He was shining in the light of the unique sunset as he read his own promises.

There, in the oldest windmill of Santorini, the guests surrounded by white flowers, they boasted the new couple in the big and important step of their new life.

A large table was placed along the terrace having in front of them the unparalleled beauty of the Caldera and the sunset. The rays of the sun kissed the tower, the party and gave an orange tint to the atmosphere.

It was a complete wedding, full of emotion, laughter, pleasure and bursts of love and romance which lasted until dawn.

The photographer, Irina captured in her own unique way the preparations, the wedding ceremony, the couple’s walk in the cobbled streets of Santorini overlooking the sunset and the reception of the newlyweds.

We borrow Irina’s words and experiences for couples who come from abroad:

“Love knows no borders. I realize that when I see the happy eyes of couples in love. Their eyes glow during the wedding photos.”

Enjoy this dream wedding!

Wedding Professional

Photography:  Irina Spirou

Wedding Planning: Jp Destination Weddings

Wedding Venue: ElvientoSsantorini

Florals: Flowery Santorini