Rubirosa Events
Leof. Posidonos 83B
Alimos 174 55
Phone: 21 0985 5848

A very unique place, available all year round, radiating sea breeze and satisfying
the eye with the pleasure of the endless blue horizon and the sense of freedom.

Rubirosa Events

We live in a beautiful place of the earth, surrounded by sea... Light blue is the color we have in our hearts..

We created Rubirosa Events, for the most important moment of your life - your wedding - having in mind this amazing location, which is at the southern suburbs of Athens.

A very unique place, available for events all year round, where you can feel the sea breeze and the endless blue horizon satisfies the eye, giving a sense of freedom.

The wedding reception -or wedding mystery if you prefer- will take place on the beach with the sound of the waves creating the perfect atmosphere for an impressive entrance for the bride and the groom, that can be by boat or romantically walk on the beach.

Relax and enjoy the most unforgettable beach party in the absolute summer scene surrounded by your friends and family! Indulge in the rythms of happiness, drink exotic coctails,  be amazed by the colorful sunset and the starry night sky under the candle light and the sea breeze completing the absolutely magical atmosphere!

The indoor banquet hall of the Rubirosa Events - available for winter reception - could not be less luxurious than the outdoor paradise. Providing a very unique view through the large windows, your eyes will wonder
in the magestic sea and sky and variety of colors that winter creates!

Here, at Rubirosa Events, our staff is always ready to amaze you with our flavorful creations and the brilliant service. On your wedding day everything has to  be taken care of, in the best way possible!

The only thing that you will need to do, is to let yourselves enjoy your big day!
It is the aura of the sea and our will to create unique experiences that will make your wedding reception brilliant and the day of your wedding the sweetest unforgettable memory of your lives!

Services offered:

  • By the sea
  • With sea view
  • Outdoor estate can hold up 200 guests
  • Indoor estate for 150 guests
  • Cooperating catering


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