Aqua Dream
Wedding Venue
Λ, Parnithos 332,
Acharnes 136 74
Phone: 2102446505 & 6977648028

Surrounded by the magic landscape of the mountain Parnitha, just past Athens, Aqua Dream was created.

Aqua Dream

Surrounded by the magic landscape of the mountain Parnitha, just past Athens, Aqua Dream was created.
You can tell by the name, that it is a perfect reference to an earthly Paradise, tailor made to host the special day of your wedding, just what you've been dreaming of to be!

At first glance, what catches the eye, is the beautiful pool at the central area. Surrounded by tall trees , reflecting to the crystal blue water, it's the pefect fairytale scene...

The graphic little church of Saint George that almost touches the water, for the
wedding ceremony ,the snow white rotunda on the green carpet of rich grass that outlines the place of the reception and the big wooden deck, gives you the opportunity to enjoy your celebration: drink, dance, clink your glasses while embrassing your love and hearing wishes under the blue sky full of stars and colorful fireworks!

The expansion of the estate is graced by a beautiful lake with rich flowering around, and a romantic bridge of scented flowers, the ideal portait for your wedding photoshoot and of course to enjoy unique beauties of the environment.

When it comes to food, our experienced chefs and friendly stuff , are here, ready to cover any of your taste requirements always in affordable prices!

Aqua Dream estate is your dream place to design your wedding exactly how you have imagined to be!

Wishing you the best!


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