Once Upon a Shoe
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Once upon a time ....
we started to create
inspirational shoes
from myths!

Meet the Once Upon a Shoe

Once upon a time the same as now but in the past too, shoes were a staple accessory for women.
Is there any girl really that did not love Cinderella’s glass slippers or did not dress her dolls with hundreds of combinations of clothes and shoes?
Was there any little lady that did not wear her mum’s high heels and pose in front of the mirror for hours?
Does the ideal, romantic, fairytale-like accessory exist?
Once Upon a Shoe gives us the answer.
One visit will be enough for you to see that the designers of the shoes are inspired by fairytales and myths; gracing your life moments with romance of the present and past.
Their eye-catching creations are handmade with love, care and unique materials.
Espadrilles, sandals, pumps, slippers, boots, platforms, oxfords, high heels, bridal and painted shoes wait for you to try and show off your style while you live your own fairytale.