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Kifisia Wedding Carriages

amaxes gamou khfisia gamosoneiro 1Kifisia Wedding Carriages

One of the most characteristic images of a wedding is that of the beautiful and glamorous bride who descends from rich, decorated, and gleaming vehicles, to head to the church and the groom.

For brides looking for a fairytale wedding, the carriage as a means is enough to turn back the clock and create an unpretentiously romantic wedding.

She looks back at beautiful, carefree times, and girls feel like princesses, as they live on them their own personal and true fairy tale.

The most beautiful moment of your life, the “Carriages of Kifissia”, propose something special. For every brilliant future bride, an amazing carriage, accompanied by two white horses of your choice, is ready to direct you to the church, giving you a unique look.

As for brides, so for grooms, horses are provided for rent, so that they can reach the steps of the church as proper Knights.